Gordon Ramsay is coming to help British expats in Europe

Optomen Television, the producers of all the various programmes starring Gordon Ramsay, have just posted on my forum for British Expats with an opportunity for British expats running their own restaurant business in Europe. I’ve repeated the details on BritishExpat.com, but thought it was worth reproducing what I wrote here so that Not Delia readers could see it.

Ever seen Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares?

It was a very popular programme on Channel 4 a few years back where multi-Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay would visit a struggling restaurant, identify the problems and dish out some hard-hitting advice on how to turn the business around. It made for fascinating viewing, whether it’s food or business that pushes your buttons. It was so successful, in fact, that it ran to five series and spawned a similar programme, Kitchen Nightmares, which is still running on US television (the next series starts in a week’s time!).

Now programme makers Optomen Television are planning to do the same for British-owned restaurants across Europe.

Setting up a business in the hospitality trade has never been easy, and in these tough economic times it’s small wonder that many people’s sweet dreams of opening their own restaurant or hotel have turned sour.

So if you’re in Europe and have a restaurant, hotel or B&B that’s struggling, and you’re interested in getting the Ramsay treatment and giving your restaurant business a much-needed shot in the arm, why not get in touch with Optomen?

Email: restaurants@optomen.com
Phone: +44 20 3227 5867 (outside UK)
020 3227 5867 (within UK)

Even if you don’t take part in the programme yourself, I’m sure it’ll make for entertaining viewing!

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